Hi, my name is Xuan Liu. I work as UX Production Designer at Amazon’s Device and Service Design Group. I graduated from Information School at the University of Washington with love for both design and development.

My focus is to bridge the gaps between design and development. I am passionate about implementing the design effectively without sacrificing the creativity and usability. My empathy shared with designers and engineers drives me to find the best ways that make the design more technically feasible and scalable while keeping the experience delightful.


My process? Identify, ideate, iterate, prototype, evaluate, and ship it when it’s valid. My tools? I believe skills matter more than tools. For example, PowerPoint to me is not only a tool for slides, but my good friend to help create posters, animation, prototype, and video with high quality and efficiency. I use the whiteboard, pen, and paper for quick wireframing; Sketch for interaction design; front-end code or Principle for prototyping. Overall, I’d like to use and learn any tool as long as it can help me showcase my ideas.


Why do I code? Because design is not how it looks, it is how it works. As for digital design, “how it works” would primarily rely on  the code behinds the screens. By learning development, I not only gain better understanding of the design patterns and constraints across different platforms, but be able to push the boundaries of prototyping to see my design live. Coding is my sketching. Currently learning React Native and Android mobile development.


I love to sketch and cook. Sketching is my way to practice observation and cherish moments. Cooking is my time to improvise, meditate and bring friends together. If it is not raining hard in Seattle, you can find me wandering around the city exploring museums, parks, or interesting blocks.

Fun facts: The best part of working with me? Treat you with awesome homemade food!